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Did You Know?

E-metrotel Is the New Nortel

Northern Telecom, which later branded itself as Nortel, was a leading telecommunications company operating globally with headquarters in Canada that developed a proprietary PBX system that is still in use today. Nortel quickly became a leading expert in the world of telecommunications and business solutions, and began expanding their services through numerous mergers and acquisitions. However, Nortel grew quickly, and didn’t have the leadership or infrastructure to keep up. In 2009, Nortel filed for bankruptcy, and the process was finalized in 2017. The company was fully liquidated, and more than 93,000 employees lost their jobs. Billions of dollars worth of business assets were sold, including proprietary systems like Nortel PBX. Now, the Nortel PBX system is supported by E-Metro Tel, and can be migrated to an E-MetroTel UCX system which integrates with Nortel phones, retains Nortel features and brings all the new Unified Communications features.

What’s New & Different?

In their original form, Nortel PBX systems are unsupported by Avaya. This means that there is no integration, and no support if something goes wrong with the system. E-MetroTel offers a simple, efficient, and effective Green Migration from Nortel PBXs to UCX that is also cost-effective and offers many new VoIP features and capabilities. E-MetroTel’s are efficient, state-of-the-art Infinity 5000 series phones. The new features and capabilities offered by E-MetroTel include:

  • Keep your existing Nortel phones, or upgrade to E-MetroTel Infinity 5000 series phones
  • Retain a one-time, permanent license per extension, or upgrade to a subscription or cloud license
  • Access to the InfinityOne Work at Home application, offering file sharing, direct messaging, softphone voice, video conferencing, click to dial, and online presence indicators
  • Access to more than 100 telephony features and apps, including full voicemail features and conferencing
  • Add on advanced applications including Contact Center Reporting and Wallboard
  • Survivability options with E-MetroTel’s Active-Standby or Survivable Remote Gateway solutions

What Has Stayed the Same?

With E-MetroTel, you can replace or migrate your existing Nortel PBX to the E-MetroTel UCX  system. This means that you can:

  • Avoid re-training employees on a new system
  • Hold the same single license for use

Your Nortel PBX system will retain all existing features and capabilities with a Green Migration to E-MetroTel UCX Software. Your phone functionality remains the same including Shared Call Appearance, but will be easier to use and administer, and will also have the new added features and capabilities listed above.

How Will This Affect Me & My Business?

This change went into effect over 13 years ago, when Nortel went out of business and filed for bankruptcy, so there has not been any Nortel support for their systems and devices since then. However, with E-MetroTel emerging on the scene in 2007, you have the option to retain your fully-functional Nortel phones, opt-in to added business solutions and technology upgrades, or swap your Nortel phones for the E-MetroTel Infinity 5000 series phones.

E-metrotel Service Areas

E-MetroTel, based in the United States and Canada, operates globally including: The Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Philippines, Africa, and Australia.

E-MetroTel offers support for Nortel PBX throughout the DC area.

The Benefits of E-metrotel in the DC Area

There are no downsides to using E-MetroTel’s support and infrastructure. Installing a new phone system will cost time and money, create downtime at your business for installation, and result in further downtime for your employees for training. Green Migration of your Nortel PBX system through E-MetroTel offers the following benefits to your small or midsize business in the DC area:

  • Save money
  • Retain existing phones or upgrade
  • Access to new services & solutions
  • No employee re-training
  • No need to lay new cable or wires
  • Seamless migration
  • Access to new technologies & innovation
  • Keep familiar features or upgrade
  • Flexible, needs-based deployment of features
  • Secure remote access for service technicians for MACD and software upgrades
  • Remote Cloud Provisioning

Contact Sunrise Solutions for More Information

At Sunrise Solutions, we offer comprehensive, efficient business communication solutions to small and midsize businesses throughout the DC area. Our telecom services include telephone systems (devices, set-up, training, and maintenance), VoIP and cloud-based systems, SIP services, and data and video solutions. We operate in DC, Northern Virginia, and along the Eastern shore of Maryland. To learn more about our telecom services for healthcare, accounting, bio-tech, or government contracting, just click on the links below. If you’re ready to discuss how we can help your business’ telecom services become more efficient, streamlined, and reliable, call us today or contact us online.


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