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Cloud Business Phone System Solutions 

Any successful firm must have a solid means of communication that can be relied upon. With the rising use of cloud storage in many facets of business, cloud-based phone systems—also known hosted phone systems – have gained enormous popularity. However, they might not be the best option for everyone. To see if it’s right for you; read on. If you have any questions or want to get started right away with cloud business phone solutions for your company, call Sunrise Solutions today! 

Cloud business phone system solutions in Maryland

Cloud Phone Systems 101 

A cloud-based phone system, often known as a “Hosted” telephone system is a telephone system which is located somewhere outside of your business. Typically, this system is ‘Hosted’ at a providers’ data center as opposed to being ‘On-Site’ in your office. You communicate with the system and the outside world using a signaling known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. These are typically large feature rich systems, where you simply ‘rent’ space on them. There are some advantages to this – let’s take a look at them below: 

  • Cost Effective 
  • Maintenance and Support Included 
  • Scalability 
  • Mobility 
  • Unified Communications 
  • Redundancy 
  1. Cost Effective

Hosted VoIP may save businesses money on their telecom expenses. If businesses are still paying for a PRI or multiple rollover lines, it will more than likely reduce their phone expenses. Hosted VoIP can provide businesses the features of enterprise systems for a fraction of the cost. With Hosted VoIP, businesses avoid the expensive investments of purchasing upgrades and maintaining expensive technology.  

  1. Maintenance and Support Included

Maintenance and support are typically included on most Hosted VoIP platforms. Unlimited maintenance and support allow customers to get help and support whenever they want! User and administrative portals also make it easy for customers to sign-in themselves to make simple phone system changes. You won’t have to worry about paying for upgrades or updates on Hosted VoIP, everything is automatic and happens behind the scenes! 

  1. Scalability

No matter if you have 1 or 1000 employees, Hosted VoIP makes it easy to start small while still allowing room for further growth and expansion. Hosted VoIP platforms are specifically designed to be easily scalable and flexible in case your company goes through sudden growth spurts and need to hire more workers. In this case, adding users is simple and can be configured within minutes. With Hosted VoIP, you can start with as few or as many users as you want and scale up and down during busy seasons. No matter what type of business you run or what type of phone solution you need, Hosted VoIP is flexible enough to accommodate you now and into the future. 

  1. Mobility

In the older days, you would have to physically sit next to your phone so that in case it rang, you would be right next to it to pick it up. Not anymore! You won’t be tied down to a single physical phone line. With most Hosted VoIP systems, there is an accompanying mobile app that allows you to connect to your phone system from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Employees can choose to work remotely and make calls from their cell phone, computer, or tablet, all while customers still think they are calling from the office. Nobody has to know which device you’re calling from and more importantly – never miss a call! 

  1. Unified Communications

Most Hosted VoIP platforms also have Unified Communications (UC) platforms built in, allowing business to enter the 21st century. UC allows you to communicate through videos, text, and chat. Don’t worry about buying expensive video phones – it can all be done from a computer, cell phone, or tablet. With these UC Platforms, users can set up and configure their own video conferences, text groups, and chat with each other all through their UC apps.   

Do I Need a Cloud-Based Phone System? 

Although cloud-based phone systems are more portable, feature rich, and reasonably priced they might not be the best option for every company. To decide if you should purchase a cloud-based company phone system, consider the following aspects. 

Equipment and Technology 

Cloud phone systems are a terrific choice if you’re starting from scratch and want to use the least amount of equipment possible. A desktop computer or mobile device may function completely as a cloud phone. Therefore, additional hardware is not required. Before registering with a provider, make sure your existing conventional phone system equipment is compatible with current cloud systems if you have a lot of it and don’t want to waste it. 


With many older phone systems, there is no way around paying for installation and upkeep. However, some cloud-based phone systems provide users access to a variety of functions, including AI sentiment analysis and video conferencing. However, these added capabilities come at a cost, so carefully assess if you need them before making a purchase. A firm in need of simple phone services can benefit more from the scaled-down versions that certain phone systems provide. 


A reliable and constant internet connection is necessary for cloud-based phone services. With a strong high speed Internet connection, a cloud based system can be even more dependable than a traditional premise based phone system. With a cloud based system, if your internet goes down, or the power is out in your building, your phone system is still active in the cloud. Calls can be answered by voicemail, routed to other office, or if have a UC client, you can use your cell phone as if nothing has changed. 


Cloud-based phone systems also allow for flexible expansion if your business is expanding. You may quickly add phone lines, extensions, and sophisticated features using a cloud management system as needed without having to pay for expert installation or buy more hardware. Additionally, updates and maintenance are done immediately in the cloud, saving you time, money, and preventing communication outages. 


Furthermore, cloud-based phone systems offer practically limitless flexibility, making them a desirable choice for companies with distant workers or frequent travelers. No matter where you are, a cloud-based system can route calls to your VoIP-capable device as long as you have an internet connection. 

Contact Us Today 

A cloud-based phone system by Sunrise Solutions helps your company attain efficient phone capabilities at a low cost and without the clutter of traditional hardware. A solid internet connection and working with our team of experts are all you need to make the most of cloud phone technology and offer first-rate service. Once we install your cloud-based phone system, your staff members will enjoy using the user-friendly software interface to make crystal-clear calls. Call us today to get started! 

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