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Sunrise Solutions’ Business Telephone Systems

Your business relies on a clear communications system for daily phone calls and content and idea-sharing. A company has a better chance of staying productive and continuing their mobile operations with Sunrise Solutions’ business telephone systems in Annapolis, MD. We specialize in communications solutions for commercial clients, including integrative platforms, maintenance services, and helpful guides to various hardware and software.

Our Selection of Communications Services

Sunrise Solutions has answers to your business communications system needs. We offer integrated systems combining all your devices, essential information about phones, hardware, applications, and much more. Our collection of business telephone systems and services includes the following:


Our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) cloud-based platform is also known as Sunrise 360. We recommend this service option as an ideal communications solution for all business sizes. This platform lets users stay mobile, productive, and share content and ideas through one system.


On-site phone systems give your business control of communications. We give you control of your carrier, system, and costs because our on-site options are carrier neutral. You can use any phone service provider and run analog, digital, SIP, VoIP, or combine them into a custom solution.

Cloud VoIP

We call our cloud VoIP unified communications and collaboration platform Elevate. This platform lets users use a single system to stay mobile, be more productive, and share their ideas and content. You get to integrate all your communication tools into one manageable system, including computers, desktop phones, and mobile phones.

Maintenance & Support

With Protection Plus Maintenance Support, you get access to a wide array of services to keep your business’s communications system running optimally. We offer services like on-site hardware and software maintenance, remote support services, existing parts repair and replacement, and many other helpful solutions.

Help Guides

You have access to a broad range of help guides and resources communications systems, including hardware, software, setup procedures, and other tasks related to your system. Go step by step to set up your mailbox and learn useful facts and features of your desk phones and system applications.

Reliable Service & Support in Annapolis, MD

At Sunrise Solutions, we value your trust in us with your business communication needs. Let us show you the difference our experience, technology, and exceptional client solutions make in keeping your business connected.

Does Your Business Have Its Best Communication Solution?