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Understanding the Benefits of Working From Home

The White House released guidelines for “Opening Up America Again” on Thursday, April 16, 2020. The guidelines offer up criteria for states to follow to gauge what should be re-opened when. Attaining the thresholds in these guidelines is still a ways off. However, it does point to the good news that this too shall pass.

We will re-open. When we do, will your employees want to remain remote? Will you want them to?

It can be financially beneficial to both employers AND employees to Work From Home (WFH) at least part of the time.

Employer Benefits:
Lower Rent Costs

This of course won’t happen immediately, but when your lease is up, employers can very easily move to smaller spaces. You won’t want to get rid of offices and cubicles altogether, but spaces can be shared. Since not everyone will be in the office at the same time, features like “Hot Desking” or “Hoteling” can make a shared space feel personal quickly.

Increase Employee Productivity

As we’ve referenced in previous posts, studies have shown WFH Employees are more productive than employees who work in the office. Some of this is attributed to fewer distractions, no commuting time, and few sick days taken be WFH Employees. A recent Stanford Business School study showed a 13% increase in productivity in WFH Employees versus when they worked in the office.

Improved Employee Retention

Work-Life balance is a key motivator for WFH Employees. WFH allows them to work with flexibility in their schedule. The amount of time saved on commuting alone makes a significant difference in a person’s life versus having to go to an office. Many employees who have a WFH option are willing to accept less than if they are required to commute. Most do not make less, but the tendency to leave a job for more money is greatly reduced.

Greater Reach When Hiring

When the job is not limited by geography, employers can recruit from anywhere. If the person you need to fill the job you have is in Kansas, and you are in Washington DC, no problem WFH! As an employer with a WFH option, you have greater access to a greater talent pool, without having to pay relocation fees or limiting your search areas.

Employee Benefits:
Decreased Commuting Costs

Whether you drive or use public transportation when you WFH you spend $0. If you drive, employees save on mileage and depreciation on their vehicles. Not to mention EZ Pass, car damage, and tires, especially during pothole season.

Decreased Dry Cleaning Costs

Wear the power suit only when necessary! You still need to dress professionally when you WFH, but wash and wear looks just as good as Dry Clean only over ZOOM!

Decreased Lunch/Coffee/Snack/Happy Hour Costs

When the nearest Deli is in your refrigerator, the chances you’ll need to roll out for a $12 sandwich is pretty low, much less needing to sprint out for Vente Salted Carmel Mocha Frappuccino with Extra Whip! Make a sandwich, and grab a cup of coffee from your Mr. Coffee machine.

More Money & Time

For all the reasons discussed earlier, you will save money and have more time to enjoy it! This allows WFH Employees to focus and be more productive during their WFH time because they have more Hometime!

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Infinity One – Work at Home Includes:

WebRTC/SoftPhone – Provides mobility and in-office communication. Stay connected with FULL-FEATURED telephony from anywhere. Supports all UCX features and applications including Contact Center – Up to 120 programmable buttons!

Presence/Chat Feature – Provides an enterprise-level messaging solution with presence, and a feature set comparable to other popular commercial offerings. All on your own private server. This allows you to keep your chat conversations secure and private.

desktop and phone information

Already an E-MetroTel UCX customer? If you are on Release 6.0, Infinity One is built-in. Not sure what release you’re on? Want to activate Infinity One? Fill out the form below, we’ll let you know how to get started!

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