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UCX Direct a Division of Sunrise SolutionsFlexible communication, Maryland, DC

UCx Direct is committed to providing

E-MetroTel Value Added Resellers (VARs)

with Value Added Distribution and Customer Service

E-MetroTel provides:

  • The best in industry transition path for migration of legacy PBX. Supporting Digital, IP, and Analog devices. Nortel, Avaya, Panasonic included.
  • A portfolio that supports appliance hardware and virtualized / cloud configurations.
  • A complete features set and a suite of applications such as Advanced Call center, Scheduled Announcements, and InfintyOne a sophisticated Collaboration / Messaging / Work at Home application.

UCx Direct provides:

  • Best in class service and support
  • We treat you like you treat YOUR customers – We know what your customers expect from YOU – YOU can expect the same from US!


CONTACT US: P: (410) 573-0555  TF: (877) 857-6771